Near the famous University shot people: there are victims, details

Возле известного университета расстреляли людей: есть жертвы, подробности

People were killed almost at point blank range at the famous University

In the United States again and again there are some terrible cases of mass violence. On Friday, August 16 at the University of Alabama, was shot by unknown people.

Reported by the New York Post:

“Two people killed at the state University of Alabama — they died on the spot state of emergency”.

The place was chaotic, people were screaming, crying and trying to escape running from the scene:

“Teachers did not realize that shooting at their home, not the office center next door. By the time the emergency arrived employees of the police and the doctors, one victim was already dead, ” he told local media operatives.

Возле известного университета расстреляли людей: есть жертвы, подробности

It is also known that four wounded were taken to the hospital:

“There is one victim died. The condition of two persons is estimated as the heaviest. Another victim of the injury of moderate severity “, — stated the investigators.

The police establishes the details of the incident — until the attackers were not detained.

Recall, the world media are full of information about the terrible slaughter in the United States. One night the people attacked armed inadequate in several States of the country, with the result that, during the day, killing dozens of Americans.

So one of the cases of execution of people — happened in Ohio. PE is simply amazing new details. As you know, there’s cops right after the incident with the death of nine people eliminated the attacker. And in the media appeared information that among the victims of Connor Betts, which started shooting in Dayton, Ohio, is his younger sister Megan Betts.

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Возле известного университета расстреляли людей: есть жертвы, подробности

Recall also that in addition to the attacks in the States of Ohio and Illinois, on the night of August 4, more than 40 people shot at shopping center in Texas. Several people broke into the store and opened fire. Three of the attackers were detained.

Assailant before the attack, issued a Manifesto in which they supported arrow from Christchurch, and the attack is called a response to “the invasion of Hispanics in Texas.” Newsweek, citing police, reported that more than 20 people were killed and over 30 injured.

Recall, the shooting took place in Kiev, brought together doctors and the police

Also Рoliteka wrote, the shooting occurred in the Ukrainian resort, preparing the assault

As Рoliteka reported that inadequate shot visitors of cafe in Kiev came soon