NBU ridiculous justified after the scandal with a new bill in the 1000 hryvnia “Create…”

НБУ нелепо оправдалось после скандала с новой купюрой в 1000 гривен: «Создают…»

The National Bank of Ukraine “disowned” from the scandal associated with using pirated font in the new bill

About it reports a press-the centre of the NBU.

“One of the design features of hryvnia banknotes is that all the images on the banknotes are the author’s graphics. Artists working on their design, do not use ready-made illustrations or fonts they personally create vector graphics design elements, including a literal inscription of the denomination of banknotes”, — stated in the message.

НБУ нелепо оправдалось после скандала с новой купюрой в 1000 гривен: «Создают…»

Moreover, according to officials, the use of copyright works instead of the finished products is used for high protection level of banknotes. Their fraud would be more difficult to forge.

As previously reported, the release of a new bill in Ukraine may be in jeopardy because of the “talipomanus” employees of the National Bank of Ukraine. This was announced by the designer Bogdan GDAL.

“The most attention among the other fonts, where the font designer Andrey Shevchenko on the bill have counted as many as 11, was attracted by the words “One thousand hryvnias” on the reverse side. When searching for the original font, which he made, was the inconsistency of forms some of his letters with the official. This is especially manifested in the word “hryvnia” and most clearly in the letter “V”, — he noted.

Also GDAL told that the font was designed by designer Richard Lipton in 1997, and officially belongs to Adobe.

“So if someone used, it was just pirate the modifications that are automatically considered stolen because the font license prohibits any modification of letter forms and their re-release. Visual analysis and try to find “tails” of these inconsistencies in the network were found, a series of fonts called Bickham Script One Bickham Script Two Script Three Bickham, signed with the name of some Russians Alexandra Hoffman”, — he stressed.

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НБУ нелепо оправдалось после скандала с новой купюрой в 1000 гривен: «Создают…»

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