NBU has pushed the hryvnia: what will happen to the national currency after the weekend

НБУ подвинул курс гривны: что произойдет с национальной валютой после выходных

NBU increased the rate of the national currency by 12.66 cents

In the end, the dollar was worth UAH 26,4927 what transmit “Ukrainian news”.

It is known that the national Bank set the hryvnia exchange rate on 2 may. In addition, it is reported that in the previous trading day, the national Bank lowered the official hryvnia exchange rate, set them on 26-30 April — 1 may, 2, 51 kopecks. to 26,6193 hryvnia per dollar.

In addition, 100 pounds of sterlingov will cost 3416,0718 hryvnias, and 100 euros 2949,4364 hryvnia. The Russian ruble with Ukrainian hryvnia correlated in the following way: 0.406726942 hryvnia to 1 ruble.

НБУ подвинул курс гривны: что произойдет с национальной валютой после выходных

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainians offer to pay off the currency in new ways. The new law of Ukraine “On currency and currency transactions” will enter into force on 7 February 2019. He liberalizare the circulation of foreign cash. The measures brought by the new law will come into effect gradually. This is done on purpose in order not to harm the national currency hryvnia. Ex-economy Minister and Vice-Prime Minister and now Chairman of the Board of the Independent Association of banks of Ukraine Roman Shpek stressed that the main means of payment in our country is the national currency. “And we need all efforts, actions and thoughts to send to the hryvnia was as strong as possible. The hryvnia sturdy than the volume of gold and foreign exchange reserves, and level of competitiveness of Ukrainian products, goods and services,” he said.

НБУ подвинул курс гривны: что произойдет с национальной валютой после выходных

Roman Shpek noted that the national currency after the introduction of the law in action will be the only currency for transactions. In each rule there are exceptions. It is also here. For example, diplomats, consuls, other employees of representative offices of foreign States, as well as sailors will receive a salary in dollars officially.

As for the Ukrainians, then use the currency for payments, they will be able to, when paying salaries to foreigners (for example, suppliers or investors), when translating currency, when computed for the life insurance or purchase of government securities.

Recall that the NBU has introduced new rules that will apply to all Ukrainians.

As reported Politeka, in 2019, the hryvnia will be under pressure.

Also Politeka wrote that the national Bank is launching a new service for Ukrainians.