NBU decided the fate of Ukrsotsbank: what will happen to depositors ‘ money

НБУ решил судьбу Укрсоцбанка: что будет с деньгами вкладчиков

National Bank approved the transaction for the acquisition of Ukrsotsbank by Alfa-Bank under the simplified procedure

Following the transaction, alpha Bank will become the legal successor of all rights and obligations of the Bank. Writes about this UBR.

That is, all loans and deposits, as well as contractual obligations of Ukrsotsbank will automatically shift to the Alfa-Bank. Ordinary customers with little feel changes – they don’t need to go to the office of the old or the new Bank to sign some papers or something to renew. Will not change and the conditions of service credit.

НБУ решил судьбу Укрсоцбанка: что будет с деньгами вкладчиков

According to information posted on the website of USB to complete the merger of the financial institutions are going October 15, 2019.

НБУ решил судьбу Укрсоцбанка: что будет с деньгами вкладчиков

Earlier it was reported, early elections of Kyiv mayor and deputies of Kyiv city Council could be held on 8 December 2019.

This is stated in the concluding and transitional provisions of bill No. 2143 on amendments to the law “On capital of Ukraine — city-hero Kyiv”, which was registered in the Parliament a group of deputies from “public Servants”.

The document proposes to legislate the functioning of district councils in Kiev, to reduce the maximum number of deputies of local councils to 84 and to authorize the head of Kyiv city administration to challenge the acts of local self-government of the capital.

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Current law specifies that the administrative-territorial device of Kiev is located in the city. In the new edition of this rule will provide that on the territory of Kiev, are areas that will become administrative and territorial units that will be included in the system of administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine.

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