“Nazarus” and ATO veterans stormed the checkpoint in the Donbass, thunder shooting: the details of the breakthrough

«Нацкорпус» и ветераны АТО штурмуют блокпост на Донбассе, гремит стрельба: подробности прорыва

The collision between the “National corps” and veterans of the ATO the Armed forces of Ukraine, which do not allow activists to continue to gold at a checkpoint in the town of Kreminna in Luhansk oblast

As reported Politeka, online broadcast of what is happening leads Facebook community “What is there in the Donetsk region?”. (To see the video prostrollo down)

Note, the place was attended by the leader of the “Nazarus” Andrey Biletsky. He is negotiating with the Ukrainian military.

In turn, the military say they want to check the documents of all members of the column that is gold.

«Нацкорпус» и ветераны АТО штурмуют блокпост на Донбассе, гремит стрельба: подробности прорыва

While checking clashes, in which was heard the shots. According to Hromadske, one of the police officers ran the car activists. The victim needed medical care, he drove away from the scene of the collision.

It is reported that due to clashes in front of the checkpoint has lined up a long queue.

Activists seeking to hold a rally in Gold against the withdrawal of troops. According to them, it should begin as early as October 9, however, the staff of the environmental claim that this does not happen, since the commencement of breeding is a seven-day silence regime.

It is known that from-for attacks of fighters on Donbass, another dilution of the strength in Gold and Petrovsky began, as planned, on 7 October. The timing of breeding was disrupted due to the fact that the terrorists a few days ago fired at settlements.

APU needs to move 1 kilometre from the boundary line, the mirror is the same distance must move away and the enemy. The basic premise of the dilution of forces is the observance of the cease – fire on this site for at least weeks. These data should confirm the OSCE. The first stage of withdrawal is the withdrawal of troops, the second – in the dismantling of the engineering and demining.

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We will remind, Russia pulled to the border with Ukraine record amount of military equipment.

As reported Politeka, fighters brutalized: heavy losses.

Also Politeka wrote that the Russian tank came into battle with us what happened, fight footage.