NATO has prepared a “surprise” Putin “full readiness”: what happened

НАТО уготовило "сюрприз" Путину, "полная готовность": что произошло

The Alliance is ready to counter the threat posed by the Russian Federation

In an interview with German journalists were told by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, reports Welt am Sonntag

In particular, the Secretary General of the Alliance announced the approval of a new military strategy because of the threat posed by the Russian Federation.

НАТО уготовило "сюрприз" Путину, "полная готовность": что произошло

“We are talking about full readiness for defense, and ability to maintain stability in the future. Sometimes it requires a new military concept”, explained Stoltenberg.

According to Secretary General of NATO, the military experts of the Alliance adopted a new strategy last week. This step he justified the nuclear threat, which the official Kremlin allegedly uses against the West.

Jens Stoltenberg also stressed that in 2014 in the East and the South there was a “new situation in terms of security,” and new challenges. The NATO Secretary General reminded that the strength of NATO lies in the ability to change when necessary.

НАТО уготовило "сюрприз" Путину, "полная готовность": что произошло

Previously, we reported that NATO getting closer to Russia’s borders. As reported, the international exercise called “the Flaming sword” special forces with the participation of more than 400 military personnel from NATO countries and partners of the Alliance will be held from 12-30 June. Location – Lithuania, a state which coexists with Russia.

Such a number of foreign military was approved by the government. It is known that NATO in the maneuvers will take part in the military of great Britain, Denmark, Latvia, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, USA, Czech Republic and Estonia. Moreover, the exercise will be used in military equipment. The period of stay of foreign troops on the territory of the Republic set from 27 may to 7 July. Information about upcoming trainings yet. Perhaps the exercise military forces will take place not only on grounds.

We will remind, the issuance of passports of the Russian Federation in the Donbas: Tsymbalyuk called the main mistake Putin.

As reported Politeka, sparring Zelensky and Putin moves into a new phase.

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