NATO gets to Russia’s borders, pull together military equipment: what’s going on

НАТО подбирается к границам России, стягивают военных и технику: что происходит

NATO special forces will hold exercises right outside the borders of the Russian Federation

About it reports “Today”. As reported, the international exercise called “the Flaming sword” special forces with the participation of more than 400 military personnel from NATO countries and partners of the Alliance will be held from 12-30 June. Location – Lithuania, a state which coexists with Russia.

Such a number of foreign military was approved by the government.

НАТО подбирается к границам России, стягивают военных и технику: что происходит

“The government has accepted the arrival on the teachings of the special forces “Flaming sword”, is scheduled for June 12-30, 420 war and persons equated to them from ten NATO countries, Georgia, Sweden and Ukraine as partners of the Alliance”, – stated in the government of Latvia. It is known that NATO in the maneuvers will take part in the military of great Britain, Denmark, Latvia, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, USA, Czech Republic and Estonia. Moreover, the exercise will be used in military equipment. The period of stay of foreign troops on the territory of the Republic set from 27 may to 7 July. Information about upcoming trainings yet. Perhaps the exercise military forces will take place not only on grounds.

It should be noted that the powers of the government of Lithuania are limited to issuing permits for reception of foreign soldiers in the amount of up to 1.6 thousand people. On the arrival of a larger contingent of Cabinet Ministers must seek the consent of Parliament.

НАТО подбирается к границам России, стягивают военных и технику: что происходит

Earlier it was reported that in the occupied Crimea began training missile complexes of the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation “Bal” and “Bastion”. The personnel are trained to strike at sea targets.

It is known that the crews of the starting battery is work out ways to accommodate the equipment in different positions in different landscapes. In addition, the military carry out tasks in the deployment, change the order of battle and location after the use of weapons.

By the way, Russia has dramatically increased the number of its military and armed equipment along the border with Ukraine and occupied Crimea. Ukraine is taking all measures to prevent their full-scale invasion.

Recall that the social network enraged by photos of military exercises of reservists.

As reported Politeka, Russia began a “large 1981 military exercises”.

Also Politeka wrote that two Russian soldiers were victims of a state of emergency during a training exercise.