NATO fighters “attacked” Putin’s friend in the sky, footage leaked to the network: “I Pressed it and…”

Истребители НАТО «атаковали» друга Путина в небе, кадры слили в сеть: «Прижал его и...»

In the Internet appeared the footage as NATO fighter attacked the plane’s closest ally, Putin

Video showed the Russian media.

“To the plane Shoigu tried to get NATO fighter F-18, but it pushed the Russian su-27”, — stated in the message.

“Pressed it pulls. So, drove-drove-drove it. What they are doing”, — is spoken in the video.

Later it became known that the incident occurred at a time when Shoigu flew over the waters of the Baltic sea.

As previously reported, Russia, led the so-called President of Russia Vladimir Putin is going to use the full force of his army, which was strengthened with new developments.

The head of the Ministry of defense of Russia ordered his subordinates to prepare for military action. Sergei Shoigu made a scandalous statement on June 18, during the scientific-practical conference, which was attended by the leadership of the armed forces.

“Today the main task is to develop the theory of the conduct of hostilities”, — quotes the head of the defense Ministry of the Russian media. “The conflicts of the new generation is a collection of classic and asymmetrical methods of warfare, where fighting is fleeting, and to fix the bugs just don’t have time”.

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Shoigu also added that the last time military action was changed. This was influenced by new weapons and technology development. The Minister adds that in some years the Russian army will have at its disposal a special heavy duty tool that can bring unprecedented destruction. While all this is just for testing.

“With the arrival of high-tech weaponry and military equipment should be improved uses and methods of actions of troops. And we in this issue not standing still… Russia’s armed forces will soon receive a brand new weapon, fighting properties which is based on the technologies of laser energy and hypersonic, the first samples are already at the experimental combat duty,” reported Sergei Shoigu.

Истребители НАТО «атаковали» друга Путина в небе, кадры слили в сеть: «Прижал его и...»

We will remind, Putin openly threatened Ukraine with full occupation

And Politeka reported that Putin pinned to the wall over Crimea

Also Politeka wrote that the APU sent Putin a new “cargo 200”