NATO changes command structure because of the actions of Russia

Defence Ministers of NATO countries approved the modernization plan, including the establishment of new centres planning and operations management.

In response to the policy of Russia, NATO plans to significantly transform the command structure. Wednesday, October 8, at the meeting of defense Ministers in Brussels will vote on the plan of reorganization of the command structure of the organization. This was announced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

The NATO chief expects that the meeting will approve the project. In particular, it will create new centers in the planning and management of the operations of the naval forces, and logistics.

Changes in the command structure due to the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin that the Alliance believes aggressive. Before the threat in the political course of the Kremlin you can see for yourself Eastern European NATO members – Poland and the Baltic States, which suggest the possibility of repetition of the Ukrainian scenario on its territory.

Talk on the modernization of the NATO command structure continued for the first year. After the cold war, the number of command centers NATO was reduced from 33 to 7, and the personnel – from 22 thousand to 6800 employees.

Earlier, the head of mission of Ukraine to NATO Vadim pristayko said that the Alliance has plans in case of escalation of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine, but is not obligated to defend the state.

Source: Russian service of DW

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