Native alien daughter

Родная чужая дочь

Nadia went to visit my dad. What is it worth it, who would have ever known. If not for his age and constant requests to come…

This, then, her own people had abandoned them when she was only ten. She perfectly remembered how grieved about this mother and a cold, indifferent father’s face. Mother loved him to unconsciousness, forgave him everything, and that it constantly enjoyed.

And, in the end, seduced by a young fool from his job. This overdressed lapwing at once crossed family that he had before. Of course, the mother, with her work-worn hands and a scar from a caesarean section not quoted and lost her in the eyes of the father.

In their family came ongoing a black stripe. The mother stopped talking, would spend hours staring at one spot, and at night howled so that Nadia seemed to be frozen heart. Two months later, inconsolable abandoned wife opened the window and gone forever.

Nadia gave to dad. In that time he has happily lived with a new young wife. All his time was dedicated to her and on her daughter, so beloved, paid little attention.

The girl often cried, remembering mother, by night asked the void why she is so lonely and that she was all that…

The stepmother, still do not have their children, someone else’s girl was no good. And she did not fail to show her. Life in the father’s house, Nadia soon tired of.

A couple of times she left the house, but it was found. Father no claims filed, wrote off all the stress from the loss of his mother.

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So she lived in my father’s family, which soon was born a boy, to sixteen. And then left without returning. No one really to survive was not busy was the heir.

Nadia was on all by herself. She made it pretty well. learned to budget, got to his feet. Good people helped. Strangers… Not the father.

Years later, when Nadia has got his own family, she learned that the child after twelve years of marriage, left her father, took her son and left. And the apartment was seized and sold.

Was my father in the street, a few years bummed, until it was placed in a nursing home. And every month he sends his daughter out of the letter. Wants to see you.

Nadia didn’t want to go — too much was hurt and sad memories. But her spiritual mentor, father Michael, he advised me to go, to remove from his soul the stone that it weighed over the years.

In a grey government building, the woman immediately found a room for the desired number. And when I went, it was not recognized in the dried-up, emaciated old man his father. And when he called her name, she suddenly burst into tears, ran to him and hugged.

The father who once hurt her in the past. Now her warmth and care needs of this vulnerable person she hugs.

Nadia decided to take father to himself. He once left their mother, but she will not do such a thing never…

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