Nathalie (Secret Story 8) : her sexy picture in lingerie to make a statement to his companion – Here

Nathalie Adreani is crazy in love with Kevin. Far from the young man, she makes a pretty statement and post a photo of her very sexy.

After having experienced ups and downs alongside Vivian Grimigni, with which it had participated to Secret Story 8 Nathalie has finally found love. At the age of 43, the former candidate of the French tv channel TF1 has now lived a beautiful story with a certain Sarah as she had already announced on the set of Mad Mag, at the beginning of the month of October.

A few weeks ago, the sexy forty-something woman has finally posted a picture of his apollo on his account Instagram. A cliché on which Nathalie embraces the young man with the comment : “there is you, there is me and there is them … and if life could teach them that they are nobody to judge me! “

But Nathalie is totally addicted to his companion, and she comes to him to make another beautiful statement. “Love is a catastrophe beautiful, knowing that you are driving into a wall and accelerate when,” she said on the social network, adding that his Kévin missed him.

Visibly away from her half, she also accompanied her message of a snapshot, very sexy. Wearing a body-string in red lace, the candidate of reality tv has taken the pose lie on a bed with an air of pensive. This shot is very sensual, should, in any case, to motivate her lover to come back quickly from it.

The love is a catastrophe beautiful , knowing that you are driving into a wall and accelerate still . ❤️ #love #despacito #k #corsica #happiness #missyou Photographer @mnobotee3

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