Natasha Queen suffered a great sorrow: “full collapse”

Наташу Королеву постигло огромное горе: «полный крах»

The business, which opened Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan three years ago, went bankrupt

46-year-old singer with the Ukrainian roots became bankrupt.

Natasha Koroleva with her husband Sergei Glushko, better known by his stage name Tarzan, three years ago, invested almost all their savings in a new fitness club in Moscow, writes StarHit.

Наташу Королеву постигло огромное горе: «полный крах»

However, celebrity business stay afloat just a few years and recently he suffered a complete collapse.

It did not help that in the gym I often used to go to the singer herself, and her husband gave customers personal lessons. However, this did not bring any additional financial flows, or new customers.

This information was confirmed by the new owners of the club: “the Price for rent here is very high. And wanting to train with Tarzan was not so much. Therefore, the fitness club does not pay”.

As previously reported, to your birthday the Queen not only accepted gifts, but also surprised the star guests by surprise. The occasion the actress said on stage, concert in his honor and performed a Striptease in the dressing room for fans.

Concert in honor of their 46th anniversary, the singer called the closest – Stas Mikhailov with his family, Go Dustman etc.

Also present were a widow, people’s artist Joseph Kobzon Nelli Mikhailovna. After the funeral of her husband, she almost wasn’t published, just for charity events.

Concert in honor of the birthday of Natasha Koroleva held in the Academic theatre “Russian song”. Before I go on stage, the star was congratulated by ex-husband Igor Nikolaev. Apparently, this so inspired the Queen that she danced an erotic dance right in her dressing room in front of the camera.

Наташу Королеву постигло огромное горе: «полный крах»

The actress was wearing a bright pink wig and yellow jacket. She sang a slow song, moving under it, adding to your dance with elements of Striptease.

Current husband Natasha Koroleva Tarzan appreciated trick beloved. Under a video posted on Instagram, in the comments he sweetly wrote “my Luchechko! With Grushecky You!!”.

The birthday of Natasha Koroleva ended a modest dinner in a circle of close friends and family. The reporters are waiting for the continuation of the Banquet, knowing the irrepressible character of the Queen.

We will remind, earlier the Queen with Tarzan boasted of role-playing games, sparking mixed reactions.

As reported Politeka, Natasha Koroleva went to fight against Ukraine.

Also Politeka told me that Natasha Koroleva appeared before the fans in the shortest dress.