Natalia Krasnova demonstrated perfect body candid photo

Fans convince Natalia Krasnov to refuse to participate in the “crazy cutting”. According to fans of umoristi, her body so perfect, that they was convinced, looking at the fresh candid photos of the stars of “Comedy battle”.

On the eve Natalia Krasnov has shocked followers of his Instagram with news that plans to take part in the “frantic drying” and a month to exhaust yourself with huge loads according to the program of Vasily Smolniy. Former qunita told in Instagram she’s known him for three years, but have found excuses not to participate in the BS, and then suddenly agreed.
The star of “Comedy battle” admitted that she still does not understand why she needs it.
“I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT MY FINAL GOAL. TO DRAMATICALLY LOSE WEIGHT? I’m not too thick to make a collage BEFORE and AFTER, and they’re like, “how did you do that?”. PUMP UP YOUR MUSCLE MASS? I’m not so far from the sport, I have the biceps of a no available. I even use them to water in the cooler to carry,” wrote in his post Natalia – “go to PP? Smolny, are you kidding me? I can’t do a month without sugar! But I’ll try.”
Krasnov stated that it was for her more of a challenge and encouraged fans to support it. While his post it was accompanied by a candid photo where posing in lingerie set Nude. Spicy picture allowed the followers to appreciate the slender figure of umoristi.

Fans of ex-qunicy almost unanimously recognized that their favorite looks perfect for his 38 years and is an example for many peers. Now subscribers Natalia actively trying to dissuade her from the idea to torment himself with drying.
“The figure is just super👍😊”, “Where Natasha out to dry! Fresh delicious fishies, everything is in place and dry and roach will be about which tables break😳 we can not be so Ah, Natasha?(“, “Natalie, you are a gorgeous💪”, “man I want to see that everything is good in moderation, where You to lose weight??? Anereksiya no longer in fashion)))”, “Figure bomb! 😉”, “Natasha, you absolutely do not need to koudiat)”, “Cibulka UV🔥carry a fire extinguisher conductive burn”, “I wish I looked like🙆”, “Schaub I looked🙆”, – write fans Krasnova in the comments.

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