Natacha Polony tells the story of her encounter with her husband Périco Légasse, Here

Like what, the love is full of surprise ! Natacha Polony and Périco Légasse just wanted to discuss a cultural subject… and they ended up married together with 3 children !

Love at first glance ? This does not always work like that. Some stories don’t start in the quarter turn but more subtly… like the one between Natacha Polony and the father of her 3 children.

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His history with her current husband actually was not won in advance. In the columns of the magazine Grand Seigneur (hors-série de Technikart), the former columnist in Laurent Ruquier has told of his first contact with Périco Légasse, confident that they had taken place in the corridors of the magazine Marianne… and that they were not necessarily very tender at the start.

“The first contacts were rather with little flowers dotted “, she confessed, before telling you that every time they crossed paths they cause verbally on cultural topics.

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But behind these provocations commonplace for journalists hid in reality a true game of seduction. Both have finally been able to realize this by finding themselves sitting opposite each other at the restaurant !

“As we had regularly this kind of conversations in the corridors, he often told me : Polony, it is necessary that I invite you to dinner ! And I answered : Yes, yes, Périco, go for it, if you want to ! I received an education a little stuck, then I will never ask for. So, I stayed straight and severe, and kept up the bidding. It was done at Ledoyen “, she said. Quite a surprise !

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