Nastya Kamensky showed a juicy rear view: “Lord, Potap, do it”

Настя Каменских показала сочный вид сзади: "Господи, Потап, займись ею"

Nastya Kamensky posed for pictures in between filming the popular show

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky after the wedding with rapper Potap never ceases to put a sexy photo.

In particular, June 27 a 32-year-old celebrity posted a gorgeous photo with a view from the back. In pictures: a girl stands on the stairs in a tight dress with open neckline. On the feet of the beauty — a delicate lace-up heels. Complement the image of jewelry on the neck and earrings.

Настя Каменских показала сочный вид сзади: "Господи, Потап, займись ею"

Judging by the other photos She chose this outfit for the filming of the tenth season of the show “X-factor”, and these pictures were taken in between work.

Commentators admire a splendid view of the singer. People write that Kamensky “stunning” and “perfect”.

Настя Каменских показала сочный вид сзади: "Господи, Потап, займись ею"

“Feminine and beauty knocks you off your feet!”, — shares the opinion of one of the wearer.

“You are beautiful! Crazy!!!”, says the fan of the singer.

However, some see in the photos the hint that Kamensky lack affection from the captain.

Настя Каменских показала сочный вид сзади: "Господи, Потап, займись ею"

Others suggest that the Ukrainian star is already expecting a child. However, not all support this idea, but just note — Kamensky you’ve lost weight after the honeymoon.

Настя Каменских показала сочный вид сзади: "Господи, Потап, займись ею"

Note that have wedding Kamensky and Potap spent their honeymoon in Turkey, but was forced to interrupt the journey. The reason for this was a concert. This was the rapper announced on his page in the social network.

“The honeymoon continues! However, I’m in Odessa for a gig with MOZGI, and Nastya Kamensky — at their concerts!”, — said Potapov.

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Though a short stay, the couple spent Kemer in luxury hotel-Maxx Royal Kemer Resort.

Recall recently in Kiev began shooting anniversary vocal show “X-factor”. According to producers, the new season will be very intense.

The jury is refreshed. Now the judge: the Italian tenor Alessandro Safina. Foreigner often come to our country and has been repeatedly recognized in love to Ukraine.

The jury is now popular singer Olga Polyakova. Her hits “Queen of the night” and “Former” is heard from each “iron”.

To perform the duties of judges will again be composer Andrey Danilko and singer Nastya Kamenskih.

“I am pleased to inform you that I am a member of the jury of my beloved project X Factor! I’ll see you in the new anniversary season 10! Now my TV will be more,” he shared with followers Olga Polyakova.

Recall, Kamenskikh Topless showed a real passion for X-factor: “Very hot”.

We also wrote that Kamensky was blown due to a failure of the outfit.

Even politeka wrote that Kamensky was stunned by the photo in red.