NASA warned of a serious danger: “God of Chaos”

В NASA предупредили о серьезной опасности: «Бог Хаоса»

The scientist said that the dinosaurs had no space program, and the earthlings is there and it should apply to prevent the death of the Earth

The head of NASA Jim Breidenstein said that the inhabitants of our planet should be prepared for new dangers – asteroid attack, which is the risk that humanity may perish.

The experts confirmed the approach is able to destroy the Earth asteroid “God of Chaos”. The width of the asteroid is more than 335 metres. It needs to come close to Earth in 2029. However, not only is this a large space object may cause the death of the Blue planet.

В NASA предупредили о серьезной опасности: «Бог Хаоса»

NASA is concerned that large meteors began more often to fall to the Ground.

So, Jim, Breidenstein, speaking at a conference on planetary defense in Washington (D.C.), reminded of the Chelyabinsk meteorite, which fell in 2013. According to the scientist, these celestial objects that fall once in 60 years. However, over the past 100 years it already the third similar case.

“These events are not uncommon. We need to be sure that we correctly evaluate, discover, and track all near-earth objects that may pose a threat to the world,” said Bridenstine.

He said that NASA specialists find and track the trajectory and the route of 90% of asteroids of diameter greater than 140 metres. Such objects, which in principle can destroy the Earth in space about 25 thousand.

Bridenstine, noted that the aim of scientists is the creation of a unified operating system that would take all the data about the dangerous celestial bodies.

“The dinosaurs had no space program. We have it and we must use it”, — said the head of NASA.

As previously reported, the planet Earth faces great danger because of the rushing of great celestial bodies. NASA experts called the situation “potentially dangerous”.

An asteroid scientists have spotted 9 APR. Space object GC6 is the size of a large house and approached the Earth at a very dangerous distance of just over 200 thousand kilometers. Is half the distance from Earth satellite of the moon.

В NASA предупредили о серьезной опасности: «Бог Хаоса»

NASA experts believe that the asteroid, it can cause serious damage to the planet.

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