NASA scientists have come up with something to send people to the moon: “after 5 years”

Ученые NASA придумали, в чем отправлять людей на Луну: «уже через 5 лет»

In NASA do not exclude that with this know-how is possible to send astronauts to other planets in the Solar system

NASA, together with the company for the ngis has conducted a number of tests of a prototype of a future lunar orbital base. The results of the scientists were satisfied.

Orbital design will be called Gateway (“Gate”). With her help, within five years, American astronauts will travel to the satellite and will be able to settle there. Also on the Gateway plan to conquer and other space objects.

Ученые NASA придумали, в чем отправлять людей на Луну: «уже через 5 лет»

It is reported that the orbital moon base is very comfortable.

In Gateway has all the necessary life support systems and even have simulators for crew members.

As previously reported, NASA decided to accelerate the colonization of the natural satellite of the Earth.

The U.S. space Agency has long been planning to send a man to the moon after project Apollo. Now the user quickly reduces the implementation time of the programs. The representatives of NASA told foreign reporters.

In December 2017, the President of the United States Donald trump signed a Directive SPD-1 early implementation of the lunar project. For two years, scientists have been unable to achieve great success in this direction. It is assumed that this is why the head of NASA Jim Breidenstein decided to speed up work on the mission.

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He recently held a meeting with other members of the leadership roundtable in the capital city of Washington. There they announced to the media details of new project. Now NASA is going to not only send people to the moon, but to gain a foothold on the surface in the form of some bases.

“One of the things that I consider important, is that we want to have the possibility of multiple use of our apparatus, while retaining the intense speed of implementation plans. It is important that we have returned to the moon as quickly as possible,” said Breidenstein.

Ученые NASA придумали, в чем отправлять людей на Луну: «уже через 5 лет»

Under the new timeline, the astronauts sent on the first flight within five years. In addition, NASA seeks to accelerate programs for sending to the moon a small robotic vehicles with the devices on Board. These ships can send by the end of 2019 to prepare the platform for the future of the colony.

The Agency is ready to select contractors from 300 thousand to nine million dollars. According to Bridenstine, the Agency opened for business enterprises and government organizations. Including overseas.

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