NASA scientists amazed by discovery of the habitability of Venus: “no doubt”

Ученые NASA поразили открытием об обитаемости Венеры: "сомнений нет"

The space researchers hypothesized that Venus could once be inhabited

With the latest technology in the field of science, in NASА explored the possibility that Venus was inhabited 700 million years ago. Scientists working at the Institute for space Sciences, Goddard utverjdayut that Venus had liquid water for a long time. Approximately, for two or three billion years.

Despite the fact that Venus is currently unsuitable for life, at this point the sulfuric acid rains and atmosphere, which is 96.5 percent carbon dioxide, she could be living organisms on the surface.

Ученые NASA поразили открытием об обитаемости Венеры: "сомнений нет"

Note that the average temperature on Venus 462 degrees Celsius.

However, detailed radar maps, made a series of space probes in the last 40 years, suggest that Venus might have a shallow ocean. If so, then on the second planet from the Sun was to be a completely different environment and atmosphere.

The scientists were able to simulate Venus, as it was 4.2 billion years ago and 715 million years ago. As a result of the studies, it was found that in both cases she had a temperature of 20°C to 50°C. This means that under such conditions at that time could exist and evolve living organisms.

We also previously wrote that scientists have found a new explanation for the paradox of the absence of traces of extraterrestrial civilizations (the Fermi paradox). According to researchers, this is due to the complexity of the movement from star to star and a long wait for a suitable trajectory.

Ученые NASA поразили открытием об обитаемости Венеры: "сомнений нет"

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