NASA Research aircraft captured flying over Antarctica

The us space Agency NASA has published photos of the surface of Antarctica made by the research aircraft organization in the framework of the research mission “Ice”. As noted by the experts provided by images allow us to fully assess the impact of global warming.

On the basis of the published photo, NASA experts have noted a sharp reduction in the thickness of the ice cover at the North pole of the Earth, known as “territory with permafrost”. The main reason for this situation scientists call the shift of the angle of incidence of the Sun’s rays, which even in strong frosts make massive chunks of ice to melt. If nothing is done, in 20 years humanity will be felt all the negative effects of global warming, experts stress the American space Agency.

Research mission “Ice” in the Antarctic was organized for the most accurate tracking changes in ice thickness at the North pole of the Earth. The obtained data allow scientists to predict approaching disasters and to identify ways of solving existing problems.

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