NASA released pictures of blue dunes on Mars

The American space Agency NASA has posted Instagram photos of blue dunes on Mars. Pictures were taken with the help of HiRISE, the most powerful camera ever sent people to another planet.

NASA опубликовало снимки голубых дюн на Марсе


NASA released photos of blue dunes thanks to the multifunction station MRO. The photos show the area near the crater Liot. Usually dunes in such places grey. Blue the color they got because of the more complex chemical composition and structure. Mars HiRISE used since 2006. These cameras have high resolution of 30 centimeters per pixel. This device is unprecedented in terms of studying the red planet.

HiRISE is considered an indispensable tool when selecting sites for robotic technology. People in the future want to colonize Mars, so high-quality equipment needs to be transported to the Red planet, as without it people will not be able to explore new space for themselves.

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