NASA now has two unique drone of the future

NASA and technology company Black Swift, which is the author of one of the drones, created two drones that will take science to a new level. According to the engineer of the Black Swift, a spacecraft of the future.

Vanilla Aircraft’s VA001 from NASA and S2 from Black Swift offer scientists unique opportunities that are very easy to manage for a relatively small price. Vanilla Aircraft’s VA001 can fly up to a height of from 500 to 15 thousand feet, which will allow you to explore the most remote and dangerous places. VA001не afraid of no heights, no killer weather conditions. In addition, this drone runs on aircraft fuel tank which is sufficient to raise the device in the States, send it to “work” in Antarctica and two days to return. So passed the last test of this aircraft, during which VA001 without refueling 56 hours in mapping the moving glaciers.

The Black Swift UAV characterized by its compactness, simplicity and high sensitivity sensors. S2 is indispensable for NASA, who need help in reading the topography and climatic features on Earth that are inaccessible to satellites to prevent floods and other disasters. The drone is already used in the program MODEL.

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