NASA: Life on Earth could arise due to hydrothermal venting on Mars

NASA: Жизнь на Земле могла зародиться благодаря гидротермальным источникам на Марсе

NASA scientists conducted a study of hydrothermal vents on Mars and came to the conclusion that life on Earth could appear due to these deposits in the basin of Eridania. This version was born after studying data from the spacecraft’s orbital reconnaissance of MRO.
According to the specialist the NASA Space center in Houston Gender of Nils, it was in this environment could emerge life on Earth. We are talking about volcanic activity in combination with standing water was observed on the planet 3.7 billion years ago. Currently on Mars there are no such conditions that refutes the theory of the existence of life on the red planet.

Scientists believe that life on Earth originated just 3.7 billion years ago, when the planet was above-mentioned conditions. However, because of the activity of the earth crust scientists have no original data from the beginning of the emergence of life.

Astronomers plan to continue studying Aldanskogo area on Mars near the South pole. They said the findings do not only shed light on the mysteries of the red planet, but will help to understand the Earth’s past.

Earlier it was reported that ufologists have discovered on Mars the dragon’s head. The image was able to see images of the planet.

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