NASA is going to drill holes in supervulcan Yellowstone

According to scientists, on Earth there are about 20 volcanoes, are able in an instant to destroy all life.

NASA збирається просвердлити дірки в супервулкані Йеллоустоун

On our planet there are many volcanoes during their eruption affected those in the immediate vicinity. But this does not apply to volcanoes, informs Rus.Media.

If they start to Wake up – will suffer not only the district, but our entire planet. According to scientists, on Earth there are about 20 volcanoes, are able in an instant to destroy all life. One of them is located in Wyoming (USA). And that he wants to “reassure” NASA… drilling a hole in it.

About a very interesting idea according to Business Insider, but first let’s see what NASA is afraid. The fact that the SUPERVOLCANO is a volcano eruption which could trigger climate change on the planet, which will lead to the death of most living organisms.

According to experts, due to the eruption of a sharp cooling of the lower atmospheric layers, along with a huge ash cloud may cause the onset of volcanic winter. Thus, according to UN estimates, in case of an emergency, food supplies for the entire Earth humanity has enough only 74 days. Further implications it is easy to imagine.

Located on the territory of the Yellowstone volcano has a huge pool of magma, which heats the local geysers. Some data suggests that the volcano is ready for eruption. Therefore, a project was developed to prevent it. Representatives of aerospace agencies offer to drill holes to a depth of 10 kilometers at the sides of the magma reservoir of the volcano. This will slowly lower the temperature day by day. Moreover, it is important to drill on the sides and not in the center, as this will cause a sharp temperature drop and will only speed up the reaction.

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If this waste heat can be used usefully. For example, for the construction of the geothermal plant, which will produce electricity at a very low cost. However, there is a fly in the ointment in this project is its cost. According to preliminary estimates the project will cost 3.46 billion.

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