NASA has tested the supersonic parachute for a mission to Mars

NASA has tested a supersonic parachute, which is used in 2020 during a mission on Mars. Using it on the surface of the red planet will launch the Curiosity Rover.

NASA has published a video showing the test of a new parachute for the Mars mission. From wallops flight facility to a height of 51 km launched the measuring instruments together with a parachute. After, already at an altitude of 42 kilometers at a speed that exceeds the speed of sound nearly doubled, opened the parachute. All the operation went according to plan and the device with the devices splashed down in the Atlantic ocean.

In NASA noted that the tests were quite successful, because scientists were able to estimate the parachute, which is almost a copy of similar articles, 2012. The landing managed to accomplish with the Mars environment, and in the beginning of 2021 use this parachute for a successful landing on Mars. Then Mars pulls the Rover, with which scientists will be able to explore the Red planet and to search for geological traces of life.

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