NASA: aerial Truck Cygnus successfully docked with the ISS on 14 November

Cargo vehicle Cygnus successfully docked to the ISS. The news recorded by NASA experts. The owner of the spaceship Cygnus was the company Orbital ATK.

Today, 14 November at 17:05 this object is successfully docked to the ISS. NASA experts are informed about the event through social networks. Matchmaking was successful. Currently, the employees of the space Agency using NASA re broadcasting live from outer space.

They observe the further work of an unmanned cargo ship Cygnus. The drone has completely fulfilled the task. He was taken to the ISS approximately 3 tons of cargo. Among the accessories, there are devices for research professionals who are in the space. The ship will stay in orbit until 4 December, after which, it will immerse the remaining devices and products of manufacture. After all this, the drone Cygnus will burn up in the ball of the upper atmospheric layers.

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