Named the new head of the Tax service: what we know about him

Названо имя нового главы Налоговой службы: что о нем известно

Today the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has completed the competition for the position of head of the Tax service

Learned the name of the future head tax. Thus, the results of a special test, got the position Sergei Varlamov, said the Ministry of Finance.

Названо имя нового главы Налоговой службы: что о нем известно

“The three finalists in a live broadcast, presented to the members of the Commission, its programme of Service development in the form of presentation, and then within an hour answered questions of business representatives, deputies, experts and members of the Commission, demonstrating professional knowledge, leadership skills, organizational skills and stress resistance”, — stated in the message the Ministry of Finance.

Specifies that Varlamov got 16.45 points, Sergei Petukhov – 13.54 points, and the third candidate, Dmytro Oleksiyenko, do not get sufficient for estimating the number of points. Therefore, the results of the test, the Commission was forced to recommend the Cabinet of Ministers to appoint Sergei Villanova the head of the Tax service.

It is known that Verlanov received her master degree at Lviv national University named after Ivan Franko, and in 2008 — the scientific degree of candidate of legal Sciences. Then worked as legal Advisor in various companies in Lviv region.

From 2015 to 2017, the new head tax have occupied a high position in the legal Committee of the American chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, and in 2016 he became a member of the Public Council of virtue, the High qualifications Commission of judges of Ukraine. As for the current situation, with the July 2018 Verlanov holds the position of Deputy Minister of Finance.

Названо имя нового главы Налоговой службы: что о нем известно

Earlier it was reported that the head of the Tax service of Ukraine can become Sergey Varlamov. He oversees tax and customs policy reform, financial investigation. If he can take part in the competition for the position of head of GNS of Ukraine? Probably not and this is a direct violation of the law. It is not suitable for the position on several points.

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