Named the most ugly nation in the world: “gopnicheskaya style”

Названы самые некрасивые нации в мире: «гопнический стиль»

Popular Dating website has identified the most beautiful and ugly nation on the planet

A curious statistics introduced Dating site Beautiful People (Beautiful people).

So, the most ugly nation are the representatives of great Britain. “Silver” in this dishonor list went to the Russians. Also unattractive, in the opinion of the Beautiful People, the inhabitants of Poland, India and the Philippines.

Названы самые некрасивые нации в мире: «гопнический стиль»

A curious system by which the website calculates beautiful and ugly people.

Internet platform Beautiful People carefully studying for two days a photograph of each registered participant. If the appearance of the newcomer thinks is ugly, his profile from the Dating site removed.

The Russians with the British removed from the website more often.

Criteria of ugliness are considered bad skin, big nose, thin hair, etc.

Interestingly, the Russians themselves recognize that men cannot and do not want to follow him. This opinion was expressed by stylist and designer Vlad Lisovets.

“We “gopnicheskaya” style is more popular than being intelligent. It is considered bad. We have completely different values. And the result is a facial expression, and hair, and appearance, and natural data,” said Lisovets.

As for the most beautiful men on the planet, they are Swedes and Norwegians.

As previously reported, the popular Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska told how she met her husband actor Vitaly Borisyuk.

Olga Sumy published in the social network archival images with her husband Vitaly Borisyuk and told subscribers about how she met her lover.

Названы самые некрасивые нации в мире: «гопнический стиль»

So, according to Sumy, it all started in 1991 when she found herself in the dressing room with a chocolate heart and a card. “Come to me tomorrow, I’ll eat you like you this chocolate”, — stated in it.

Olga said that after he read the message immediately fell in love with a colleague. And then they also played lovers on stage of the Ukrainian theater in the first in our country, the musical Candide. Olga says, it all started during rehearsals.

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