Named the most harmful posture for sleeping

Названа самая вредная поза для сна

Scientists believe that sleeping on the stomach causes damage to our body, impairing health.

Each person has their own preference in sleep. Someone who likes to sleep on your side, the other on the back, while others prefer lays on the stomach. And the latest claim that only in this position, they can sleep and feel in the morning cheerfully.Scientists say that sleeping on the stomach — a great prevention of snoring, informs

However, experts with the U.S. claim that the pose on the belly can lead to back problems. Our back takes the position of the bend, and our muscles are in constant pressure for 5-8 hours. Apart from your back suffering and our neck, very often, the fans of this posture, observed pain in the neck to separate.

Many doctors believe this is the way most successful. For a person to be comfortably breathed in her sleep, he should be in such a position that his head and neck had the ability to constantly turn in one direction or another. If we lie on the stomach, the body is fixed.

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