Named the most dangerous diseases in the summer: how to protect yourself

Названы самые опасные заболевания летом: как уберечься

Scientists and doctors are told what to do in the summer to prevent exacerbation of common diseases

Sick is unpleasant at any time of year, but in summer it is also a shame: all around enjoying the warm Sunny days and long bright evenings, and we have to lie down at home and taking the pill. It is therefore important to prevent such diseases and to prevent, according to the portal Zhinochy Svit.

Influenza and SARS are caused by bacteria of another type, which in addition to the usual symptoms of SARS can be abdominal pain and nausea. To prevent these viruses will help regular exercise and the usual measures of prevention, vitamins — fruits and vegetables.

Названы самые опасные заболевания летом: как уберечься

If restless leg syndrome is your case, in summer you will probably have to face this problem twice as often. The thing is that in warm weather, “motor” nerves experience additional stress and may react with spasms. Try to drink more and moisturize and cool the feet before bedtime.

Rosacea or skin inflammation, characterized by redness and rash, worse in hot weather. Doctors advise to use aloe Vera juice to soothe and cool the skin.

Multiple sclerosis, lupus and other autoimmune diseases, as a rule, worse in the summer. Sunlight, ultraviolet light, high temperatures — all these factors cause increased symptoms.

Eczema worsens through sweat, chlorine from the pool water, means for protecting the skin from the sun, salt water. If possible, avoid them.

The probability of exit of kidney stones is higher in the summer, because according to scientists, our body quickly loses moisture, and the kidneys have an increased load. It is therefore very important to drink a lot in the summer and time to take steps to prevent dehydration.

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Названы самые опасные заболевания летом: как уберечься

Asthma worsen factors such as: dust, pollen, dirty air in the city. Always keep your medicine and try not to go out, if there’s been no rain.

Migraine and heat almost always go side by side. Heat is one of the most common triggers that cause exacerbation of this disease. To reduce risk, drink more and be sure to wear a hat when you go out.

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