Named the most dangerous alcoholic drink: “instantly addictive”

Назван самый опасный алкогольный напиток: «моментально вызывает зависимость»

The fascination with beer, according to experts, most likely turns into addiction

Due to the consumption of alcohol thoroughly worsens the condition, there are a variety of the disease, deteriorates brain activity and mental condition. The most unsafe alcohol drink is beer, it all rapidly create dependency.

Alcohol is in the top 5 psychoactive substances with the highest potential ability to produce dependence. Alcohol dependence can develop literally overnight. But the systematic consumption of alcohol only increases this kind of threat. Addiction and alcoholism can trigger any kind of alcoholic beverages.

On the formation of alcohol dependence is influenced by heredity and the frequency of its use. Most dependent on him becoming an infantile people, with a strong “influence of the boredom and dullness of life.” Beer was the most dangerous alcoholic beverage. It is this heady drink strongest effect on the system of the brain and is addictive.

Назван самый опасный алкогольный напиток: «моментально вызывает зависимость»

This reaction to beer occurs, regardless of its strength, because on any view of the brain reacts strong release of the hormone dopamine. The fascination with beer, according to experts, leads to pronounced changes in personality, behavior, psychology and, as a result, the overall physical health of the person.

Negatively affect the brain also drinks with high caffeine content energy. Their effect on the human body compared with the action of cocaine. Safe amount of alcohol does not exist. Even the smallest dose can cause serious health damage and significantly increase the risk of premature death from heart disease, cancer and accidents.

Also, alcohol dependence accelerates human aging and his body is changing a lot inside and outside.

Назван самый опасный алкогольный напиток: «моментально вызывает зависимость»

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