Named the main candidate for the attorney General: “Zelensky is like him”

Назван главный кандидат на место генпрокурора: "Зеленский ему симпатизирует"

The former head of the Odessa regional state administration and the former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili is aiming for the post of General Prosecutor of Ukraine in the new team of Vladimir Zelensky

So, we have started the collection of signatures under the petition for the return of his Ukrainian citizenship, which he was deprived Poroshenko in 2017.

The text of the petition posted on the website of the President of April 23, 2019.

“Return of citizenship of Saakashvili! The man who really fought against corruption and for better life of Ukrainians! Mikheil has a lot of practice of the construction of a state without corruption! Better yet, assign the chief Prosecutor of Ukraine! I believe that he will find stolen every penny and put corrupt officials who robbed the Ukrainian people “, — said in the text of the petition.

The site States that its author Mikheev, Viktor Mikhailovich. The President is obliged to consider within 70 days after she will collect at least 25 thousand signatures. It’s the initiators is 3 months. Now the petition is already signed about 6 thousand users.

Назван главный кандидат на место генпрокурора: "Зеленский ему симпатизирует"

Назван главный кандидат на место генпрокурора: "Зеленский ему симпатизирует"

According to sources in political circles, the appearance of the petition is a legislative quick-return mechanism Saakashvili’s policy. Journalists found out that the Ukrainian-Georgian politician is going to come back very soon to Ukraine and to bring to Parliament their political force “movement new forces.”

He plans to recruit a team of young progressive Ukrainians to hold them in the Parliament at the head of the “movement of new forces”, he’s running for attorney General.

According to the interlocutor of journalists, Saakashvili actively communicates with Vladimir Zelensky on the topic of order of the public Prosecutor in the autumn after the parliamentary elections, although the environment and see he strongly recommends not to do it.

“Zelensky is like him and the chances that the petition will be signed promptly (in the case of the collection of votes) is quite high,” he says.

Назван главный кандидат на место генпрокурора: "Зеленский ему симпатизирует"

According to the source, Saakashvili is not planning to have a old its Georgian team (David Sakvarelidze and others), in which he was disappointed because they did not support him and actually “leaked after the situation with the deprivation of citizenship”.

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