Named the country with the highest death rate from alcohol

Alcohol abuse is one of the most common causes of death among the population of the planet. As it turned out, most people die from the “green dragon” in China, followed by India and Russia.

Названы страны с самой высокой смертностью от алкоголя‍

Such results were published by one of the oldest medical journals in The world, The Lancet.

As the article notes, in 2016, a result of alcohol abuse in China has killed 59 thousand women and 650 men.

As for India, which in the ranking in the second place, the mortality rate from alcohol during the same period is 42 thousands of women and 290 thousand men.

Closes the top three, Russia, where in 2016 the habit died 43 thousands of women and 180 thousand men.

We will add that Ukraine is among the ten countries with the highest mortality rate from alcohol. The number of deaths among men, it ranks seventh (53 thousand people), and among women – fourth (25 thousand people).

With only alcohol in the world in 2016, claimed the lives of 2.8 million people.

According to scientists, with the increase in the consumption of alcohol increases the overall level of mortality, especially from cancer. At the same time, the risk of health problems is reduced only in the complete cessation of drinking.

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