Named the best remedy for baldness in men: “you Have only six days”

Названо лучшее средство от облысения у мужчин: "Нужно всего шесть дней"

Scientists have discovered a unique tool that will help men all over the world to fight baldness

The rubbing of oil of sandalwood into the scalp can stimulate hair re-growth. Thus, the problem of baldness. Millions of men facing areata, can also benefit from the rubbing of sandalwood in the scalp. German researchers conducted laboratory tests that showed that this practice stimulates hair growth in just 6 days.

Названо лучшее средство от облысения у мужчин: "Нужно всего шесть дней"

Oddly enough, the hair follicles contain olfactory receptors that respond to smell aromatic and start a key protein in the hair, and begins to multiply. Although people and animals can only smell with nose, specific receptors in hair, sperm and even in our intestines can recognize certain flavors.

Theoretically this discovery could lead to the production of a whole line of products against hair loss based on oil of sandalwood, which will benefit every fourth man. Statistics shows that they encounter hair loss as soon as they attain 25. One of the most obvious examples — Britain’s Prince William, who quickly began to go bald after 25 and 30 got a bald spot.

Studies have shown that due to the impact of sandalwood on the cells of human skin protein called keratin begins to multiply that speeds healing. The researchers from münster was intrigued whether it is the aromatic tree to cause hair growth. So they worked on the scalp with the help of artificial and similar to sandalwood scent called shandalar. Quite often it is added in different kind of scents and moisturizers to give the scent of sandalwood.

Названо лучшее средство от облысения у мужчин: "Нужно всего шесть дней"

Scalp scientists are donated, donors aged 38 to 69 years old, recently went through a facelift. Naturally, for laboratory analysis were taken the smallest fragments of this skin. Already 6 days after the onset of exposure to sandalwood keratine level began to increase dramatically.

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