Named products which cause the skin aging

Названы продукты, которые приводят кожу к быстрому старению

If consumed regularly these foods, on a healthy radiant youthful skin can only dream

Ukrainian nutritionist Laura Filippov called products, which are rapidly ages our skin, writes

So, with frequent use the body slows down the production of proteins and is triggered by inflammation and this negatively affects the health of the skin.

Названы продукты, которые приводят кожу к быстрому старению

What de product should be removed from your diet?


It contributes to the destruction of collagen, the protein through which our skin smooth, elastic and smooth.


If abused (more than 2 300 mg per day), the face will be swollen.


Yes, morning coffee is energizing, but be prepared to fine wrinkles on the face.


Excessive alcohol consumption leads to the emergence of early wrinkles, as alcohol causes the body dehydration. The skin becomes dull and dry.

Charred pieces of food

They provoke inflammation and damage the collagen, causing the skin ages faster.

As we wrote before, healthy skin is in the kitchen and not in beauty salons. Using power can significantly improve the condition of the skin – gives a beautiful and even tone, and to add elasticity and smoothness.

Названы продукты, которые приводят кожу к быстрому старению

Experts told, what products give a visible effect in terms of skin rejuvenation and appearance.

In particular, they are advised to actively eat regular carrots. This root vegetable is one of the best products for female skin. Carrots contains beta-carotene, which when assimilated by the body uses to produce vitamin A, also known as the “vitamin of youth”. After about a month of eating carrots skin has a healthy Golden color and smoother.

Another ideal for skin improvement product – tomatoes. They contained powerful antioxidant lycopene protects skin from UV rays and other harmful factors from the environment.

Eat boiled chicken eggs – their use makes the skin more resistant in the process of age-related wrinkles. Eggs, according to scientists, ensure the prevention of sagging skin due to high content of lutein. It helps for a longer period of time to maintain skin elasticity.

Effectively improve the appearance and kiwi. This fruit that has long been native to the Russians, is a champion of vitamin C. Eating kiwis helps to cope with dull complexion, which makes so many women.

It is very important for healthy and youthful skin has enough fat. The best kind of fats for the skin, according to experts, are unsaturated fatty acids. Their use has a strong anti-inflammatory effect that protects the skin from various rashes.

To unsaturated fatty acids from fish and also from nuts and vegetable oils. For example, Flaxseed oil is estimated by experts as a worthy alternative to the expensive and inaccessible to the seafood.

The most useful dried fruit to combat the signs of aging many experts believe prunes. It includes antioxidants, which destroy free radicals activity in the body which leads to damage and mutate healthy cells. These damaged cells contribute to accelerated aging and wrinkle formation.

Great fighters against wrinkles on the face are milk products: kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt. Their effect is to improve the gut microbiota contains a vast number of cells of the immune system. The immune system directly affects the inhibition of aging.

We will remind, it became known about the factors that affect the appearance.

As reported Politeka, and he called it a habit that stops aging.

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