Named products that destroy the brain: “never eat for Breakfast”

Названы продукты, которые разрушают мозг: «никогда не ешьте это на завтрак»

Scientists have shared a shocking discovery about Breakfast

Recently, Australian scientists have found a link between operational and intellectual activities of the human brain and diet in the morning.

A study of Australian scientists from Macquarie University in Sydney unexpectedly showed that the consumption of fatty and sugary breakfasts (croissants, pancakes, cheesecakes, biscuits, chocolate products, or sugary cereals) contributes to a significant changes in the brain in just four days.

According to scientists, these changes can actually lead to complete loss of the ability to learn and remember.

Названы продукты, которые разрушают мозг: «никогда не ешьте это на завтрак»Woman with pan on fire on stove

Research fellow, University of Sydney Dominic Tran is sure that the described processes may be associated with possible changes in the level of glucose in the blood, which greatly increases for an unbalanced and unhealthy Breakfast.

The specialists talked about useful products that will help to gather, to concentrate, to calm down and to make the day fruitful. Despite the vagaries of weather and other troubles in life, every morning we have to be focused and alert. For someone morning — stress. Especially in the winter when it’s cold and not enough sun.

Not enough sleep? Rescue proteins and healthy fats. If a little rest, add to the morning menu (and in the whole diet) poultry, sea fish and eggs, flax seeds, greens and vegetables. In these foods — omega-3 fatty acids that help the body to replenish forces and to cope with the next load.

Названы продукты, которые разрушают мозг: «никогда не ешьте это на завтрак»

Fatigue and depression? Drink tea with nuts. Nuts — a storehouse of nutrients and fiber. Fiber stimulates the production of neurotransmitters — special chemicals, struggling with depression and stress. Well, just tea will help to relax, to wash down the nuts and will warm your frozen soul.

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Clean thoughts will help coffee. Like many, after a refreshing Cup strong and you are ready to feats, and the mind comes clarity and focus.

We will remind, named products that steal our energy.

As reported Politeka called cheap products which I use more than delicacies.

Politeka also wrote that researchers were told what products are needed for women’s health every day.