Named five reasons to opt out of fast food

Названы пять причин, чтобы отказаться от фастфуда

Proponents of a healthy diet choose the food you want to cook and eat slowly

Scientists advocate for “slow” food and suggest to exclude from the life of fast food, as it is every day “kills” the digestive system.

For the slow food originated in Italy in 1986 in response to the widespread network of fast food MC’donalds. Then a restaurant opened in the old mansion that the Italians considered for blasphemy and the country has begun to open institutions of a healthy diet.

Названы пять причин, чтобы отказаться от фастфуда

The followers of this trend suggest during the meal do not be distracted by other things, such as smartphones, TV, different kind of films and so on, and to fully devote time only to food. Scientists called 5 reasons to choose slow food and not worry about health.

The first reason for the switch to this nutrition experts call what man does not overeat. It is known that actually the body can not immediately feel the food that eats people, but only after 20 minutes. And if he eats very quickly, the body does not have time to understand what is happening and in a short time man “thrusts” itself into more of that later affects as extra pounds.

Secondly, normalizes digestion, after all, thoroughly and slowly masticated food is better digested and thus one avoids the problems with this system and constipation, as its cause is poorly digested food.

The third reason – the food is delicious. Person is nice is when he is focused on food and this implies the fourth reason is the body requires a healthy diet, because when thoughtfully and quietly have, there is a need for selectivity and the usefulness of the used product.

And finally, the fifth reason is that time slows down while eating, and it gives people a sense of peace and security, he spends time with benefit, so it does not fly past it, which is useful not only for stomach, but for the General feeling of life.

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Названы пять причин, чтобы отказаться от фастфуда

Thus, it is proved that the frantic pace of life and power harm to the human body, because the time flies by, and the body has no time to figure out what was happening to him. And this suffering man and his gastrointestinal tract in the first place.

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