Named five animals that can heal a person

Названы пять животных, способных исцелить человека

All the talk about what animals they treat people now confirmed scientific researchers distinguished five types

An international group of scientists named five animals that are able to cure people of various ailments. Fluffy neighbors can not only improve mood, but also to maintain health.

Long known that our smaller brothers can have a very positive effect on people. Now, however, this assumption has scientific basis.

Названы пять животных, способных исцелить человека

A scientific team consisting of scientists from different countries, found that the impact of living next to Homo sapiens four-legged satellites is not limited to just “friendship”. Experts of nonconventional medicine medical “skills” of animals has long been considered unquestionable. That is why the researchers decided to consider all the factors comprehensively. For the experiment were selected a number of representatives of our smaller brethren.

Experimentally it has been proven that cats, dogs, snakes, bees and horses do have a certain “ability” which they can really have a beneficial impact on people. While each species has its own “medical specifics”. So, horses are able to help in diseases of the musculoskeletal system. They also soothe and even contribute to free themselves from drug addiction and alcoholism.

Dogs successfully withdrawn from depression and strengthens the cardiovascular system. In addition, the dog in the house can accurately determine the appearance and development of malignant tumors. Dogs becomes easier, and recovery from disease.

Like dogs, cats get rid of depression, they are effective with neurosis and help to identify possible inflammation, as you know, a cat always lie down on the sore spot. And another cat will be able to accurately predict the weather.

Названы пять животных, способных исцелить человека

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