Named emotions that can cause dangerous diseases

Названы эмоции, способные вызвать опасные заболевания

What emotions are actually hiding dangerous diseases

Some psychologists are of the opinion that all diseases come from the heads and that our negative experiences make us cheer.


This disease affects women who have forgotten how to be happy.

What to do? Forget about the past and leave all your worries behind. Concentrate on the happiness you have now.

Названы эмоции, способные вызвать опасные заболевания

Uterine fibroids

Fibroids appears those long hold resentment to loved ones and often falls into a apathetic state.

What to do? To understand and forgive all who have offended you. Do not make claims to friends and strangers. From depression and apathy will help you cope a new hobby or occupation.

Ovarian cyst

Comes from the constant fear of being rejected and unloved. Jealousy, fear of loneliness, the desire to constantly argue with people that are similar causes of this disease.

What to do? Try and become fit just for yourself and you will need all the rest.

Cervical erosion

Erosion occurs due to strong resentment on the male relatives, husband or brother.

What to do? To lower the bar of their expectations and stop hold grudges. By and large, no one owes nothing. If you understand and accept this, life becomes much easier and nicer.

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Названы эмоции, способные вызвать опасные заболевания

Candidiasis, or thrush

Arises from the constant desire to control everything and obsessive thoughts that only you can make things right.

What to do? Learn to respect others and let them live their lives.

Heavy climax

Hard he goes at Ustashi women who are unhappy with themselves and everyone around them pulls down a heavy trail of hard feelings all around.

What to do? Learn to enjoy life and the simple things in it. Put yourself new goals, find new Hobbies and new meaning.

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