Named easy way is to start the day: cheerfulness and care in the home provided

Назван простой способ идеально начать день: бодрость и антистресс обеспечены

Experts have described the way that will help not only to spend the day with vigour and without stress, but will also improve overall health

Experts presented the benefits of receiving a cold shower. Article relevant content published in a Malaysian source.

According to experts, most urban residents take a hot shower, not realizing that this action may cause irritability. As for cold water, it can stimulate weight loss, exerting influence on brown fat. The procedure is a wonderful solution to start the day.

Назван простой способ идеально начать день: бодрость и антистресс обеспечены

As for morning workouts, then the cold water lowers the temperature of damaged tissue (if any), and constricts blood vessels. The result is relief from any pain because it decreases inflammation in skeletal muscle and the release of tension from nerve endings.

“The thought of taking a cold morning shower may not be very pleasant, but the first touch of the water causes difficulty breathing, contributing to the increase in the total oxygen consumption resulting in improved blood circulation and heart rate. The body burns more calories trying to generate heat and to maintain an optimal body temperature. It increases the metabolism. The end result gives an energetic “Wake-up call” for the perfect start of the day,” — said the expert.

It was also proven that cold showers relieve symptoms of depression due to the intense impact on skin receptors, which send electrical impulses from peripheral nerve endings to the brain. In the same list, removing fatigue.

We will note, earlier we wrote that the morning was really good, you need to learn some good habits.

If in the morning you barely scraped yourself out of bed, eat Breakfast in a hurry and do not have time to choose the right clothes for the weather, it is obvious that you have problems with the preparation of the morning schedule. Here are a few tips that will help make your morning more measured and set up on a good day.

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Назван простой способ идеально начать день: бодрость и антистресс обеспечены

For example, if you want to learn to get up earlier than usual, do it gradually. First wind the clock for 15 minutes earlier than usual and make sure you do this. So, gradually, you will be able to form a habit.

We will remind, it became known, what habits dangerous for people with high blood pressure.

As reported Politeka, doctors said there are three habits that kill eyes: “this is not a joke”

Also Politeka wrote why back pain: dangerous habits.