Named drinks that afflict the stomach

Названы напитки, от которых страдает желудок

People with stomach problems should reconsider their own tastes on to pay attention to what they are drinking

Some drinks containing in itself “heavy” or too numerous ingredients, with which the digestive absorption can not cope. First it suffers from the stomach, say the doctors.

Scientific experts have compiled a list of drinks, the use of which is a serious challenge, which your stomach may not cope. This list includes the following drinks:

Alcohol. Alcohol therapists believe is the most aggressive to the stomach: you should always remember that any alcohol is a toxin. Therefore, if not already obtained is not to drink at all, consume alcoholic beverages are strictly in small quantities.

Названы напитки, от которых страдает желудок

Among the scientists particularly harmful include alcoholic beverages and those that contain sugar and many chemical additives. Deprived of nutrients, but rich in calories and “chemistry”, such drinks — a blow to the mucosa, and a balanced microbiome. According to scientists, these are the drinks aguardente, Amaretto, anise liqueur, vodka and alcoholic cocktails with sodas.

“For cocktails often use rum, tequila, gin or vodka, mixing them with different sodas such as Cola. This combination makes cocktails “caloric bomb” and dramatically increases the concentration of alcohol in blood the process of assimilation, ” he told the paramedics.

Stimulating drinks. These include tonic and caffeination kind — coffee, tea, sodas. Scientists have noted that misuse can cause bloating and damage the gastric mucosa, resulting in erosions and ulcers.

Названы напитки, от которых страдает желудок

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Energy drinks. A mixture of alcohol and stimulating beverages components in the most severe cases can lead to the development of alcoholic coma. Also among the effects of their use — digestive disorders, disorders of metabolism, failure in the mechanisms of sleep.

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