Named berry, which quickly destroys the extra pounds

Названа ягода, которая быстро уничтожает лишние килограммы

Scientists have conducted studies and found out how this berry is struggling with excess weight and improve metabolism not hurt the body

Myrciaria dubious, also known as camu Camu, is a small tree that grows in the tropical forests of the Amazon lowlands. And its fruits have become extremely popular among supporters of a healthy lifestyle. As noted by The Daily Mail, it is believed that these fruits promote weight loss by accelerating metabolism.

Названа ягода, которая быстро уничтожает лишние килограммы

When the fruits were given to the mice, sitting on fatty and sweet food, the animals gained 50% less weight compared to the control group. Study of the effect of fruit lasted eight weeks. According to the staff of Laval University, during which time it became clear: camu Camu speeds up the metabolism when the body is at rest. The fruit also reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease, fights inflammation.

It is known that camu Camu 60 times more vitamin C than oranges, 5 times more antioxidants than a serving of blueberries.

In the experiment, it was found that animals that ate camu Camu, were more adequate sugar levels, high insulin sensitivity and low levels of inflammation in the intestine than in the control group. While changing the intestinal microflora, and increased the number of bacteria A. muciniphila and decreased the number of bacteria Lactobacillus.

Note, previously we reported an exotic fruit that overcomes the aging and fighting cancer cells in the body. The best time to buy this fruit that is native to Southeast Asia, is the period from November to March.

To miss with a selection of ripe fruit in this period difficult — pale green or yellowish fruits, hard and heavy almost always be juicy. Look carefully at the skin “blank”, the fruit with a dull color and soft to the touch — most likely overripe.

Названа ягода, которая быстро уничтожает лишние килограммы

It is better to have a broom till 16.00 of the day, the citrus in principle is better absorbed. The pulp can be added to salads or even to make her juice, mixed with, say, orange.

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