Named alcoholic drink, which protects us from many diseases

Назван алкогольный напиток, который предохраняет нас от многих болезней

The tradition of drinking red wine have long been rooted in many countries of the world.

The reason for this hides in the beneficial properties of this drink. So, red wine is useful to drink for hypertension. It also protects us from dementia.

Its red wine reduced the levels of serum LDL cholesterol in the blood, with the result that we avoid the completeness and related diseases.

That is why it is believed that a glass of red wine with dinner is beneficial to our health.

Experts told about 8 the main arguments in favor of red wine.

1. Care about our arteries

Red wine contains large amounts of antioxidants, so its use protects our arteries from deposits on their walls of fatty plaques and blockage by blood clots. This drink allows you to:

To maintain a stable blood flow.

To regulate the rhythm of blood circulation.

To prevent deficiency of physical activity the formation of blood clots.

However, this does not mean that consuming a daily glass of wine, can you lead a sedentary lifestyle without any consequences for health.

This means that daily physical activity and a small amount of red wine will help you preserve the health of the arteries in excellent condition.

2. Prevents fullness

Red wine contains genes that prevent the formation of new fat cells. With regard to the fat, this beverage stimulates cleansing and contributes to their gradual removal.

To reinforce this effect it is necessary to drink red wine in small quantities every day.

Do not drink more than one glass of wine a day it can harm your health. It is recommended to drink the wine in small SIPS, in this case it is easier to digest and absorbed by the body.

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3. Fights fatigue

Red wine is produced from grapes along with its skin. Contained in grapes, resveratrol protects our body from weakness and fatigue.

The action of a small amount of wine can be compared with the effect of energy drinks. It has a beneficial effect on:

The functioning of the digestive system.

The production of the human body it needs complex chemical compounds.

The catabolism (metabolic breakdown and decomposition into simpler substances various compounds).

4. Caring for the health of the oral cavity

If you are often concerned about pain in the throat or gums are bleeding, pay attention to red wine. It helps to fight against streptococci and cavity-causing bacteria.

Also, this drink soothes and relaxes the throat. That is why many singers and actors in the habit of drinking a glass of red wine before the performance.

In their opinion, very few that can relax the throat like red wine. This allows them to sing longer.

5. Increases the level of endorphins

A glass of red wine with a suitable snack stimulates the production of endorphins.

It helps us relax and improves our mood. So if you have a difficult and stress filled day, it is recommended to drink some red wine the night before.

Because of this you will become easier to cope with the situation and resolve the problematic issues.

6. Cleans the mouth

Due to its astringent properties of red wine accelerates the healing of wounds, stops bleeding and calms inflammation in the oral cavity, cleaning it.

As a result, we easier to digest contained in food nutrients and we have reduced craving for fatty meat. Also it becomes easier to swallow.

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7. Reduces the risk of developing cancer

Contained in red wine antioxidants are able to inhibit the growth of malignant cells causing breast cancer and lungs.

In turn, resveratrol helps to control the levels of estrogen in women. All this is a good prevention of cancer.

This does not mean that the prevention of these diseases need to drink wine in large quantities. Not at all.

To red wine beneficial to our health, it is recommended that every week, drink at least one glass of this drink.

8. Protects against urinary tract infections

Due to its astringent properties and high content of antioxidants red wine prevents the accumulation of bacteria in the kidneys and bladder.

As a result, these organs are able to filter out more fluid.

If you rarely drink wine, you should pay attention to this healthy beverage and make it part of your diet.

Many of us don’t want to drink wine due to its tart flavor. Fortunately, there are many different kinds of this drink, and each of us can find among them some wine, which he has most taste.

There is another alternative: to cook desserts using red wine as one of the ingredients. In this case the taste will not be too evident, and your body will be able to extract all the benefits from this drink.

The most important thing — to use when preparing desserts with less sugar.

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