Named a way to improve the memory: first step to Superman

Назван способ улучшить память: первый шаг к сверхчеловеку

Neuroscientists have described how to improve memory

An international group of scientists from the University of Pennsylvania conducted a series of studies and analyses, the result of which came to the conclusion that with the help of electrical stimulation of the brain can greatly improve your ability to remember.

The study was conducted in the framework of the project, whose main task is to implant a special device in the brain. The experiment was attended by people with epilepsy because the disease may significantly disturb cognitive function.

Volunteers needed to run some tests, but this time the specialists of the stimulated areas of the brain responsible for memorization. The results of the study, the researchers wrote in the periodical of the University.

Назван способ улучшить память: первый шаг к сверхчеловеку

Experts have compared the effect of brain stimulation at low and high activity. In the first case, memorization was given to the volunteers easier, and the second stimulation only worsen the test results.

Data obtained in the study will help scientists to create the implant that will determine when electrical stimulation of the brain is needed, and when people can handle it.

Previously, scientists from the University of California using intracranial electroencephalography found that the negative emotions associated with the active exchange of signals between the amygdala and the hippocampus.

Назван способ улучшить память: первый шаг к сверхчеловеку

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The experiment involved the patients in connection with the upcoming operation of the implanted electrodes in the brain. These were predominantly patients with epilepsy, they are usually implanted electrodes to identify areas of brain damage.

For 7-10 days the study participants kept diaries of mood, and the researchers tracked their brain activity. It turned out that 13 out of 21 patients in a bad mood was due to the intensification of connections between the amygdala (a brain area involved in processing emotions) and the hippocampus, responsible for memory.

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