Naked Polyakova scared network flabby body, “an old slag”

Раздетая Полякова напугала сеть дряблым телом: "Престарелая развратница"

The famous Ukrainian superblondinka Olya Polyakova struck the network in an incredible way

Outrageous singer quite often pleases his fans and unusual spicy outfits, and demonstrates extravagant stage costumes for concerts and shares with the fans even the rare “home” photo.

Раздетая Полякова напугала сеть дряблым телом: "Престарелая развратница"

As you know, the artist tries to look at his concerts and various public events vividly and even brazenly bold. The star can often be seen in racy outfits and garish make-up, however, as it turned out, the artist does not always seek the aid of professional make-up artists and stage make-up sometimes makes itself.

This time on his page, the singer showed one of the typical cases – have shared shots of her posing in a puppet way.

Known Olga for quite a long time appeared in social networks and did not indulge fans photos and videos. Today, however, a few hours ago, the star decided to come back and just stun views. So, this time the star didn’t disappoint fans and showed a photo on which poses in a spicy way.

As it turned out, she decided to age herself with a special application that is gaining popularity in social networks. To do this, she chose not the most modest photo, namely the cover of the magazine where she appeared naked but covered in blue fur. In the caption to the photo, which has passed through the application, Olya Polyakova wrote: “If my 100 years will look like… I agree! #faceapp”.

Раздетая Полякова напугала сеть дряблым телом: "Престарелая развратница"Раздетая Полякова напугала сеть дряблым телом: "Престарелая развратница"Раздетая Полякова напугала сеть дряблым телом: "Престарелая развратница"Раздетая Полякова напугала сеть дряблым телом: "Престарелая развратница"

Earlier, Polyakov was hit with harsh criticism on the popular show “the Bachelor” and spoke sharply in the direction of its participants. On his page in social network Instagram the star posted a short video in which he said that the first time I watched the episode “the Bachelor.”

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The show so impressed the singer that she could not restrain emotions, sharing his experience with fans:

“Yesterday I first time looked at the project of “the Bachelor.” A bunch of women fighting over one “does” man? What are you, crazy??”, – expressed their outrage with the singer.

In this Polyakov said that this project is just disgusting and shameful. According to the artist, “the Bachelor” degrades women “it’s filled with sexism, chauvinism and Patriarchal cynicism”.

Recall that Polyakov “followed” sabredance.

As reported Pоliteka, Polyakova in bed confused by all candid photos.

Also Politeka wrote that Polyakov was tried on a down jacket Buzova and laugh fans