Nadia Dorofeeva suddenly turned to Dantes: “You are certainly handsome, but…”

Надя Дорофеева неожиданно обратилась к Дантесу: "Ты конечно красавчик, но..."

The soloist of group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva “threw out” is a new movie, which is presented to everyone piquant image of her husband

This time on his page in social network Instagram star has published an unexpected and long-awaited video with Dantes.

The fact that after a long break (ten years!) the artist first presented the music video. So, the other day he presented a new song and video “you’re 30 Now”.

Nadia Dorofeeva decided to cheer up her husband and pushing his new video work, because she recently asked Vova to go back to music. The singer has published in his Instagram a snippet of the clip, Dantes, and the caption told you everything it thinks about. “@vladimirdantes – you’re 30 Now. I love this song and the clip. Especially the moment where the road limit is 20 and you rapidly run… it is a direct 💔. @leokolos – you are certainly handsome. Dylan, congratulations with your launch! I really like your music, and I know what songs next,” wrote Nadya.

Fans were not indifferent and had quite a strong reaction to the return of Vladimir in show business as a singer, as once previously.

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Надя Дорофеева неожиданно обратилась к Дантесу: "Ты конечно красавчик, но..." Надя Дорофеева неожиданно обратилась к Дантесу: "Ты конечно красавчик, но..." Надя Дорофеева неожиданно обратилась к Дантесу: "Ты конечно красавчик, но..."

Earlier Dances also openly talked about how he Dorofeeva co-exist and how to build relationships. “Jealousy is no maximum. Through our relationship, our love, no, I have not glued, no one wants me to discourage Nadia Dorofeeva.

It is clear that Nadia write, even send pictures of an intimate nature. But as the other girls, she did not give no car, no apartment. Once she had wanted to give the iPhone. I immediately called and told. It’s a one-man innocence,” — said Dantes.

Dantes revealed the secret of their relationship: like all others, they fight, however, found a way to put up the easy way:

“Arguing with Nadia. It is very hard. Now just talking. Before went to the bathroom, shouting, screaming, breaking dishes, slamming doors. Now — normal, appropriate conversation, stated that people are not satisfied, paused, had sex and made up,” reveals the details of his personal life showman.

Recall that Dantes was framed Dorofeeva: showed the most intimate

As reported Politeka, Dorofeeva surprised in a new way

Also Politeka wrote that Dorofeeva showed a figure in one the top