“Nachalova took with him to the light”: the heartbreaking details of the funeral Isaeva

"Началова забрала с собой на тот свет": душераздирающие подробности похорон Исаевой

The sudden departure of the journalist Irina Isayeva stunned many people

All knew her as a reliable employee, a bright person and a people person. So to say goodbye to her many came, according to Days.ru.

Bury Irina Isaev on Poksinska cemetery in Sasinowska settlement in Novomoskovsky administrative district in the South-West of the capital. It was included in the territorial boundaries of Moscow a few years ago, although earlier it was considered a rural churchyard.

"Началова забрала с собой на тот свет": душераздирающие подробности похорон Исаевой

At the moment Poksinska to be buried in the cemetery of their relatives already shall rest on the family land.

Poksinska the cemetery is basically in a forest. Roads, houses and industrial facilities are located in the side, this creates the cemetery is very quiet and tranquil setting.

The late journalist Irina Isaeva loved nature.

“The forest is waking up from its winter sleep, the buds on the trees. Time primroses and the first mushrooms. A neighbor scored a basket full of morels are. After the rain forest extraordinary scents this spring. To dizziness. The pond in the village who cleaned, improved and strengthened the shore. Weeping willow looks down and sees his reflection in the clear water,” wrote in his last post in FaceBook girl.

So the place for the burial of the Ira although it is half an hour away from the nearest metro station, but is consistent with her calm disposition.

"Началова забрала с собой на тот свет": душераздирающие подробности похорон Исаевой

A farewell ceremony for the Isayeva started at 12 o’clock on may 8th. But the Sutra in the cemetery gathered many friends, relatives and colleagues.

Irina Isaeva worked for many years in publications that write about the life of artists – “hit it!”, “Stars”, “Interlocutor”. She was there Bild-editor – work consisted in the selection of photographs of artists to the written material.

It illustrated a lot of the lyrics were dedicated to Julia Nachalova. In mid-March she was looking for pictures for articles from the burial, the stars, and now became its most…

“As if Nachalova took with him to the light,” whispering close to Isayeva.

Friends and colleagues of Ira carrying bouquets of her favorite flowers and can’t hold back the tears.

We will remind, the journalist Irina Isayev died on the morning of 6 may. She was going to work, suddenly felt unwell. It turned out clot – death was instantaneous.

Recall that the PR-Director of Nachalovo first came in light after death of the singer.

As reported Politeka, ex-husband of Julia Nachalova won a lawsuit against the late singer.

Politeka also wrote that the former husband of Nachalovo candidly admitted after the death of the singer.