NABU is working in the interests of Kolomoisky – media

НАБУ работает в интересах Коломойского, – СМИ

NABOO changed course after the election of the President of Ukraine Zelensky and now protects the interests of close to it businessman Kolomoisky — old associated with him are forgotten, the reasons for initiating a new not notice

As reported by Ukrainian news, this is stated in the Internet publication “Explorer” “Select Sytnik: NABU drawn into oligarchic showdown in the eyes of the IMF.”

The starting point of a new course NABOO was meeting its Director with the future head of the Office of the President, Andrei Bogdan April 3 – after the 1st round of elections. After this, NABU forgets all old cases, where the “lit up” Kolomoisky, and sees a new one.

As an example, the author cites the situation of the state company “Centrenergo”, where people Kolomoisky has implemented a corruption scheme in which the state put billions in losses. NABU did not notice.

Despite the scandalous resonance, refuses to investigate the situation with the state company “Centrenergo”, which purchases coal (including Russian) have affiliated with Kolomoisky structures is 40% higher than when calculated by the formula “Rotterdam” and it sells electricity to companies at a lower cost, earning loss of 1.2 billion hryvnia,” — said the author.

At the same time, the author drew attention to the sharp intensification of NABOO in “Rotterdam+”, against which actively supported Kolomoisky, have lost a significant portion of the profits from the introduction of formula pricing.

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“NABOO suddenly finds no one hitherto known expertise on which to build the charges and raises the suspicion of abuse of office 6 the persons involved in the introduction of the “Rotterdam+”, including members of the national Commission and DTEK. Moreover, the validity of using the index have no complaints, they were left only to the inclusion of shipping in the formula,” — said the author.

With the same fervor detectives are taken for the case of PrivatBank. “NABOO 11 September 2019 inspections in the Central office of PrivatBank in the river to find evidence of illegality attraction recruiting companies. But somehow asked to give documents related to the legal protection of the Bank in the cases against the former shareholders (ie Kolomoisky) in the court of Appeal of England and Wales” — said the author.
In his opinion, the actions of NABOO in the interests of a particular businessman are not a secret to representatives of international financial organizations that have recently requested from the NEB report on the results of ongoing investigations.

“All this happens in front of US, EU and IMF, who (especially the IMF) understands what is happening, and because the closely watched “behind the hands” of NABOO, in particular, in the case of PrivatBank. Not by chance the aforementioned report was requested shortly after the notorious RAID in the river with a search warrant,” said the author.

The author believes that before the Director of NABU A. Sytnik is a choice – to rely on external support and to do their job, hoping to reach the finish line of the Cadenza in April 2022 with a modest but genuine result. Or to substitute for anti-corruption activities game as part of one of the oligarchic teams, and thus losing the remains of patronage.