NABU bowed the court for procedural violations, – the former head NKREKU

НАБУ склонило суд к нарушению норм процессуального права, - экс-глава НКРЭКУ

The NEB loses the case against the “Rotterdam +”, therefore goes on procedural violations and is pushing for this court

As reported by Ukrainian news, this was written by a former Chairman of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the sphere of energy and communal services Dmitry Vovk on his page in Facebook, commenting on a report by the Director of NABU on obtaining the permission of the court for his detention in the case of “Rotterdam +”

“NABOO is not capable of open competitive process, because they are in it “to dry” lose us. That is why NABU appeal to the court after his devastating loss and “the quiet” and without legal opponents get the right solution without an invitation by the defense; engaged in the plums in the media,” wrote Wolf.

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He also noted that together with their lawyers will be determined to further his defense after receipt of the decision of the court. “We have not yet received the court’s decision. After receiving and studying — to make a decision about further protection,” wrote Wolf.

We will remind, earlier a number of energoexpert said that the case of iabu “Rotterdam +” has no judicial prospects, and noted that the introduction of formula pricing was absolutely economically justified in the conditions of deficit of Ukraine’s coal.

24 Mar 2017 NABU has opened a criminal case in which investigates the actions of members of the national Commission, which approved the formula of “Rotterdam +”. 8 Aug 2019 detectives NAB reported about suspicion six persons in the so-called “Rotterdam +”, including the former head of the national Commission Dmitry Vovk. For each of the six employees, the court denied the NAB in a petition for custody.