NABOO would prolong the case “Rotterdam+” to avoid a defeat in court, the former Chairman NKREKU

НАБУ будет затягивать дело "Роттердам+", чтобы избежать фиаско в суде, – экс-председатель НКРЭКУ

The National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) are aware of the case on the “Rotterdam” will fall apart in court. So will try to delay his transfer to the court to avoid a complete rout, and in the process to look for “perpetrators” in their own failure

This was written by a former Chairman of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the energy and utilities (NKREKU), Dmitry Vovk on his page on the social network Facebook, reports Ukrainian news Agency.

“To NABOO/SAP can continue to lighten up, to be a hero in the media and has avoided a complete collapse, expect them to take the following tactics: delaying the “investigation” for a year or two or three, but would not consider in court; expanding the circle of “suspects” and increase “losses” to from time to time to remind about their “exploits”; pressure on witnesses and knocking “confessions of counter-revolutionary conspiracy and the identification of accomplices”; PR with or without cause. Well, traditionally — will translate arrows on an anti-corruption court…,” wrote Vovk.

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Earlier, wolf claimed that the case of iabu “Rotterdam+” unjustified and politically motivated. In his opinion, businessman Igor Kolomoisky for the period of transparent pricing for electricity has lost a significant portion of the profits from energy-intensive Ferroalloy enterprises, therefore, now takes revenge on those who introduced the formula of “Rotterdam+”.

According to media reports, on August 19 a meeting with the President of Ukraine on energy issues, it became clear that to purchase coal at a price calculated according to the formula “Rotterdam+” cheaper than importing it from South Africa, USA and Colombia. So, the price on the “Rotterdam” is 1,74 thousand hryvnia per ton, imports from Colombia and the United States — 1.9 thousand hryvnia per ton, South Africa — 1,8 thousand hryvnias for ton.

Recall that the official response to the NEB request informbyulleten ICC Ukraine says anti-corruption body has no claims to the API2 index in the main ports of Western Europe, as a basic reference point for determining coal prices in Ukraine according to the “Rotterdam+”.