NABOO has no claims to the “Rotterdam” and should not have them to “black”, – Kushniruk

НАБУ уже не имеет претензий к "Роттердам" и не должно иметь их и к "плюсу", - Кушнирук

The NEB has recognized the lack of complaints about the pricing on the basis of the formula “Rotterdam+” and without comment on the inclusion of shipping charges after detectives will understand the principles of formation of market prices in terms of the benefits of demand over supply for scarce markets

This was written by an economic expert Boris Kushniruk on his page in Facebook, write Ukrainian news.

“NABOO is still not understood why the Order of formation of the forecast of wholesale market prices for electric energy were made the cost of transportation of coal” in terms of projected volume of use of domestic coal for delivery to Ukraine by sea and transshipment in ports of Ukraine”. Translated into human language detectives still don’t understand why in the formula of wholesale market prices for electricity, Ukrainian coal mines are considered the price of imported, because it is, as stated by well-known experts Semenchenko, Parasiuk and Leschenky … “does not carry”. Advise investigators, in order to improve the educational level in economic disciplines, to familiarize themselves with concepts such as “equilibrium price” and “import parity”. Also they should know how is the market price in terms of the advantages of demand over supply in deficit markets,” wrote Kushniruk.

The expert also noted that a similar “Rotterdam+” formulas operate on other energy markets. In particular, in the gas market the formula “düsseldorf+”, according to which the cost of the Ukrainian gas provides for logistics hub losses from the German NetConnect Germany (NCG).

“The same with uranium concentrate for “Energoatom”. The decision of the national Commission №990 from 01.08.2017 “Methods of forming, calculating and setting tariffs for electricity generated at nuclear power plants “clearly ties the cost of nuclear fuel to world prices, losses in transport: “Prices for uranium-bearing materials and services of conversion and enrichment are determined based on the prices published in information related “Ux Weekly”, and “Nuklear Market Review”. Services for the fabrication of nuclear fuel are determined according to the terms of the signed contracts. The rate calculation includes the cost of services for the transportation of fresh nuclear fuel and nuclear materials, payable in the planning period,” wrote Kushniruk.

Earlier, energoexpert stated that the case of iabu “Rotterdam+” based on a misunderstanding of economic laws, and a judicial perspective. And also noted that the introduction of formula pricing was absolutely economically justified in the conditions of deficit of Ukraine’s coal.

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The Secretary-General of the European Association for coal and lignite EURACOAL Brian Ricketts said that the introduction of import parity pricing for coal was the only right decision for Ukraine, and binding to the API2 index (port of Rotterdam) — is absolutely correct.

The methodology for calculating the wholesale market price of electricity (known as the formula of “Rotterdam+”) approved by the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in energy and utilities, 3 March 2016. According to it, the coal component in the electricity tariff was based on quoted prices API2 coal hub ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp). July 1, 2019 in connection with the introduction of a new electricity market action formulas “Rotterdam+” stopped.